Supervizor announces $22M funding to build a world where financial information can be trusted!

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With unparalleled anomaly detection, Supervizor’s continuous quality assurance helps error-proof your accounting and curb fraud.


How can you trust your financial data to be correct?

Processes and people systematically produce errors, and organizations encounter a growing number of fraud schemes.

They're SuperviZing

Trusted by over 70 large enterprises accross the world

How does it work?

Connect & standardize

Connect your ERP and let Supervizor consolidate journal entries using our library of millions of accounting patterns.

Supervizor API

Automatically extracts and prepares your data to avoid spending time gathering, scrubbing and formatting manually.

Detect & collaborate

Continuously run ready-to-use checks accross multiple areas such as Treasury, AP, AR, SOX, FCPA, Travel & Expenses, etc.

Supervizor AI

Identifies and prioritizes your riskiest findings to investigate, intelligently minimizing false positives.

Monitor & improve

Collaborate between teams to oversee financial data quality across subsidiaries, systems, departments and geographies.

Supervizor FACTORY

Builds controls for new use cases, while enriching existing checks based on feedback from our global community.

Integrated with...

& others

Our value proposition

Accounting Accuracy

Improve the accuracy of your financial information by analyzing 100% of your transactions for error and fraud.

Visibility & Control

Get full visibility into the quality of your financial data, and unlock your team’s potential to improve processes.

Compliance & Integrity

Enhance audit quality and efficiency, and showcase your company’s reliability, transparency and compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are on a mission to help corporations produce reliable financial data. Supervizor provides corporations with unique anomaly detection capabilities to identify several types of errors (including accounting ones) and fraud attempts.

Quality assurance in the context of corporate finance means ensuring accuracy and integrity of your financial data (and statements, by extension), identifying and mitigating financial risks, and ensuring compliance with regulations such as SOX and FCPA.

Organizations are exposed to an unacceptable risk level due to errors and fraud attempts, yet very few have implemented systematic and continuous checks to mitigate such risks. See the report from Gartner and the PCAOB.

Typically days, at most a couple weeks. Our unique library of millions of accounting practices, built over more than a decade means Supervizor is able to natively understands close to 100% of your accounting, thereby limiting the need for integration and model training.

Supervizor analyzes General Ledger (GL),  Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) entries, Master Data, Purchase Orders, User Data and other accounting and operational data found in ERPs, along with external sources of Travel and Expenses (T&E) data.

Yes absolutely. All the process to integrate and analyze your transactional data is automated. That being said, as a customer you will have a dedicated functional expert who will assist you in understanding anomalies, selecting the most relevant checks, and leveraging the platform to its fullest extent.


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